• The Maple Valley School Board unanimously decided on June 27nd, 2022, to move forward with construction of a new building project.  

    The plan is for it to adjoin east of the commons area and entrance.  This building project will include a larger class room for the growing Pre-K program, a gym with capacity for two practice courts, locker rooms and a community-accessible fitness center. 

    Public response has been very positive and excitement is growing among students, parents and across the community.



    • The new classroom will provide more space for a growing Pre-K population.


    • The fitness center will provide an opportunity for our communities to exercise.


    • The Gym will provide more space for physical education and elementary access.


    • The Gym will have two side by side courts to allow for simultaneous practice time.


    • The Gym will allow more opportunity for all activities of the Maple River co-op.


    • The project will provide space for more local events such as tournaments.


    • The plan is to build this space with NO NEW TAXES.