• Maple Valley High School FCCLA 

    2019 - 2020 Program of Work 





     Membership Recruitment- Hang up posters and about how to join and the first meeting date 



     1. First Chapter Meeting (Topic- Membership Dues, District 6 planning Meeting, STAR Events) - September 10th, during Raider Time  



     1. District 6 Planning Meeting - October 1st at Happy Joes in Fargo

     2. Chapter Meeting- (Topic- District Planning Meeting, District Leadership Meeting) - October 8th, during Raider Time 

     3. Fundraiser- Concessions at Volleyball game - October 10th 

     4. District 6 Leadership Meeting- October 31st in Casselton at the Central Cass Theatre



     1. Chapter Meeting- (Topic- STAR Events, upcoming events) November 13th, during Raider Time

    2. FCCLA Pals 



     1. Chapter Meeting- (White Elephant Christmas Party) December 10th, during Raider Time 



     1. Chapter Meeting- (Topic- STAR Events, upcoming Events) January 14th, during Raider Time

    2. FCCLA Silent Auction Fundraiser for Children's Miracle Network - January 27th during the Boys basketball game



     1. Chapter Meeting- February 4th, during Raider Time

     2. District 6 STAR EVENTS - February 5th, - Location to TBD

     3. National FCCLA Week- February 10th-14th (Activities throughout the week)



     1. Chapter Meeting- March 10th, During Raider Time



     1. Chapter Meeting- April 14th, during Raider Time

     2. State Convention- April 19th - 21st in Bismarck at the Ramkota Hotel



     1. Chapter Meeting- (Topic - End of the year party) May 12th, during Raider Time