Are You Interested In Joining FCCLA?

    Here you can find everything you might need to know about becoming a member and being a member.



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    Some Benefits of Joining FCCLA Include:



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    The three R's - Recruit, Retain, Recognize 


    Why Join FCCLA?

    FCCLA offers members the chance to develop their leadership, meet new people, explore future careers, and help their communities.  Members of FCCLA are ready for the future; their experiences allow them to prepare for their future careers, earn scholarships for post-secondary education, and develop the necessary skills to be successful now and in the future. 


    Now That I'm a Member, How Can I Get Involved?

    FCCLA offers many different opportunities to its members.  Students can participate in STAR events at district, state, and national levels.  Over 30 STAR events are available for competition with something for everyone! Members can also develop their leadership by running for office at the local, district, state, or even national level.  Members can run for state leadership teams and work with members from across North Dakota to plan service projects for our state association. Locally, members can make a difference in our community by planning and carrying out service projects to help others. 


    Which Members Are Eligible for Awards?

    Members can letter in FCCLA and can receive chapter awards.  They may also receive awards for STAR events at the district-national levels and may be recognized for their role as an officer or leadership team member. Members may also be chosen for the Member of the Month Award. (There will be 1 chosen per month based on what they get involved through chapter opportunities/Chosen by the Chapter officers) 
    Senior members are eligible for scholarships as well.


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