• Ivanka Trump 

    Bonnie Hinman 

    Every day people are making headlines for their extraordinary actions.  Each book in this series tells the story of an incredible individual who has changed the course of history in some way.  This books tells about Ivanka Trump's early life and her success as a business woman. 


    Traditional Stories for the Northeast Nations 

    Anita Yasuda 

    Since ancient times, the thousands of native tribes North America have made sne4xe of their world through storytelling.  Each tribe has its own traditions and tales.  Native American Oral Histories looks at traditional stories that come from tribes throughout North America.  Discover how these stories reflect the culture and lifestyles of the people who tell them.   

  • Engineer It!  Bridge Projects 

    Carolyn Bernhardt 

    Learn about different types of bridges.  Discover how they are built.  Then, build your own suspension bridge, truss bridge, and more.  Each project has color photos and easy-to-follow instructions.  Check out the other books in the Super Simple Engineering Projects series too.  You'll be a buding engineer in to time. 


    Guardian of the Galaxy:  Rocket Racoon 


    Rocket Raccoon has been a hero to the weak, a champion of good, a heartthrob to many intergalactic females … but his high-flying life of adventure may be a thing of the past when he's framed for murder.  The authorities aren't the only ones on his tail!  The real killer is an imposter who seems to be one step ahead of Rocket at every turn … now, it's up to our hero and his best pal Groot to find the truth. 


    I Survived a Fourth Grade Field Trip 

    4th grade class 

    Join Mrs. Johnson's and her 4th grade class on a field trip to the zoo in Bismarck 


    The Night the Lights Were On 

    5th grade class 

    Join Mrs. Coghlan and her 5th grade class as they tell about their secret overnight stay in the school. 


    6th Grade Yearbook 

    6th grade class 

    The 6th grade tells about themselves as well as their experience in sixth grade 


    Smithsonian:  The Elements 

    Tom Jackson 

    Discover the elements – the building blocks of matter that make up not only our world, but the entire universe.  This spectacular guide shows what all the elements look like as well as the remarkable ways we have learned to use them.