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    Congratulations to our 2021-2022 chapter officers.


    President- Chloe Wetch


    Vice President- Ashten Hannig


    Secretary- Brooklyn Olson














    Maple Valley FCCLA 


     2020-2021 Chapter Leaders

    Chapter Leaders - Ashten Hannig, Wyatt Seidlinger, Ethan Waters, and Chloe Wetch

    Advisor - Rebecca Ausk 

    2021-2022 Chapter Officers

    Chapter Leaders - Chloe Wetch (President), Ashten Hannig (Vice-President), Brooklyn Olson (Secretary)

    Advisor - Rebecca Ausk


    2020-2021 District officer

     Vice President of Activites 2- Ethan Waters

    2021-2022 District officer

    Vice President of Activities 2- Ethan Waters

    2022-2023 District officer

    Vice President of Activities 1- Ashten Hannig




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  •                                      2021-2022 Chapter Theme                                                                                                                  

                               2021-2022 FCCLA theme                                                                              




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